Welcome to the website of Gatley Choir, also known as Gatley and District Choral Society but that's a bit of a mouthful.

There is something for everyone here.  If you're not a member you can find out all about us by exploring the site.  Members can log in to find more detailed information.

Remember: SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU.   It's good for your health and wellbeing.  So if you're wondering about having a go then we'd love to see you.


OUR SUMMER CONCERT is fast approaching; it's on July 13th.  Our usual summer offering of lighter music will feature excerpts from The Mikado together with music from Japan and China.  It's really quite exciting - we've never sung in Japanese before.  Come and see how we get on!

DO PLEASE CONSIDER joining the Easy Fundraising scheme.  You don't have to be a member of the choir and it doesn't cost you anything but it does benefit the choir.  Click here for details.

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Concert Dates

Autumn Concert
30 November 2019 19:00

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